Hello and welcome to my pet portrait website. 

After studying art for four years at university and then working as a veterinary nurse for five years, I have developed a love for watercolour painting and pets. I have recently taken time to combine my two loves by painting pet portraits. Originally I only painted cats, but have now plenty of experience painting dogs, rabbits, birds and even the occasional human!


When I have time in between commissions I often take the opportunity to experiment with new ideas which often involve British birds and mammals as I am keen to capture their beauty. I now have quite a few nature inspired paintings, so I have added a new gallery to my website to display these separately from my portraits.


In January 2015 I submitted two of my paintings to potentially be included in the South Holland Open Arts Exhibition. The exhibition is for professional and amateur artists in the Lincolnshire area, who submit their work and a panel of judges select a variety to be included in the week long show. One of my paintings "Suntrap" ( shown below) was chosen by the judges! I am so thrilled as it was a little experimental painting of my cat Peanut. The style is more loose than my usual portraits and focuses more on colour and light rather than detailed features etc.





Over the past year my cartoon style portraits have become very popular, to begin with I was generally being asked to paint dogs and cats but other pets have been requested so I often finding myself drawing horses, gerbils and even fish! Along with the additional pets, human subjects are also in demand so my family portraits can now include everyone in the family ( and to think I started out only painting cats!). 




Of all the various pieces that I have created during my busy Christmas period one of my favourites was an illustration I produced for a charity Christmas card. I really enjoyed painting the dogs in a fun and cheerful way and am pleased to say the cards were a huge success and 100% of the profits went straight to help dogs in care with the Valencia Perrera Dogs charity. It won't be long until I have to get my thinking cap back on for the 2016 design. In the meantime here is the image from the 2015 card.



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 Please browse through my gallery and contact me should you wish to discuss commissioning a portrait as a lasting memory of your pet.

Please also feel free to get in touch regarding my other artwork or if you have an event coming up that you would like me to attend to paint pet caricatures.